Restaurant Wipeable Tablecloths

When you own a restaurant, first impressions can really make a difference in the amount of customers that you welcome each day. Because your staff is far too busy to slow down to give each tablecloth a thorough clean, wipe easy tablecloths can help to ensure that your restaurant looks clean and sophisticated - no matter how busy your café is for the day.

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If you have yet to invest in tablecloths that are easily wiped down, here are 3 reasons to switch out the old for the new...

Wipe easy tablecloths are inexpensive.

If you are using real linen tablecloths, you are likely using a larger portion of your budget than you may have the money for. Fabric tablecloths can make up for a large portion of the money you put into your décor. When you switch to a more inexpensive form of tablecloth, you can use the money that you save to update your restaurant. From new bar stools to modern wall décor, when you save money on tablecloths, you open up new possibilities for renovating your restaurant.

They stay clean without the need for deep cleaning or re-buying.

Canvas tablecloths can be difficult to clean... but by far, the most difficult fabric to remove a stain from is lace. If you are going for a sophisticated atmosphere, this can be a real issue that needs consistent addressing. Especially if you serve wine or a lot of menu items containing tomatoes, lace tablecloths can be a terrible idea. Many wipe clean cloths come in patterns and can be made to look like lace. This ensures that you get the look that you want for your restaurant without having to worry about restaurant guests damaging expensive lace cloths that will not likely be cleanable in entirety.

They last for years.

Fabric tablecloths need to be replaced often. They typically stain daily and must be laundered often. This can make your tablecloths looks much older than they really are in no time. Tablecloths that simply wipe clean do not need to go through rinse cycles and they also do not need to be dried in the dryer. This keeps your restaurant's tablecloths looking new, ensuring that your café does not need to re-invest in tablecloths every few months.

Tablecloths are all part of your restaurants first impression. When you take the time to choose the right ones for your café, not only will your restaurant look more professional but it will save your staff a lot of extra, unnecessary work.